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Unlike Ph.D. programs in the United States, this program does not include a preliminary phase ending with a preliminary or comprehensive exam. This means that no automatic master’s degree will be awarded and that students will not have time to develop their dissertation topics while enrolled in the program. Instead, admission to the Heidelberg Ph.D. program in American Studies requires a well-developed and advanced concept of a research project.

To apply successfully, a candidate needs to fulfill the general entrance requirements and present a meaningful proposal. The proposal should

  • outline the guiding questions of the dissertation project while embedding them in current academic debates,
  • show that the dissertation will make an original and important contribution to a particular field of research,
  • list the source materials that will be used,
  • and provide a realistic timetable for the completion of the project.

Applicants need a letter of intent from a professor at Heidelberg University stating his/her willingness to supervise the research project (check our faculty roster), and two letters of recommendation that not only assess the applicant’s academic qualifications but also evaluate the proposed dissertation project.

Please keep checking our website for 2018 application deadlines.



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